Monday, February 25, 2008

this MILK does not do a body good...and i'm ok with that.

i LOVE this place. LOVE! in a pinkberry obsessed city (i do like the mysterious faux-yo too though!) it's good to go back to classic favorites, mix it up...this place is the real deal. the calories are sooooooo worth it- i promise! grab a fresh salad (comes with the best cheese crisps!!!), hot pressed cheese burger or you can make your own ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked cookies and homemade ice cream- delish! my faves: COLD blended strawberry milk, chicken chopped salad, blood orange sorbet, ANY of their ice cream sandwiches...and almost all their baked goodies. the owner was the executive chef with the Patina Group and the nicest person- he's there most of the time running around the kitchen, making blended drinks and running the cash register so you know this is his true labor of love :) the only con is the parking but if you go in regularly they'll be happy to do curbside pick ups! mmm, mmm, milk!

MILK | 7290 Beverly Blvd. | Los Angeles, Ca 90036

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Sonny Cruz said...

OoOO that place looks good!