Sunday, March 2, 2008

sunday supper

one of the many reasons i love my hood...impromptu "snooty" dinners! a last minute call from a friend i hadn't seen in a while, a couple "i miss you!!!" comments later, revelation that we were both free that night :) and 30 minutes later a quick sweep of the mascara & gloss, black dress and boots and we were meeting at luques hoping we could get in without a reservation. score! a cancelled reservation was now ours- LOVE! sunday supper at luques- $40 for a lovely 3 course meal. As soon as we were seated our FAB waiter (in need of a lil riddalin...the conversation went from my boots, to his hair, to his boy in about 30 sec) had bread, olives, and almonds at our table to enjoy and a recommendation that we each get a different option for our 3 course meal so we could try everything. oh my goodness- soooooooo good! moroccan style ono (like a mahi mahi or white fish) with saffron risotto, and pork so tender it melted- delish! i mentioned to the waiter that i wasn't a fan of chocolate and he brought us a complementary honey pannacotta and 2 glasses of dessert wine! we had wine and caught up with each others lives- i've been a flake lately with my employment in limbo so it was fantastic to have a one on one dinner and a proper catch up :)

luques | 8474 melrose ave |

we didn't want the night to end so i suggested we check out my local wine bar, bodega de cordova...i guess it had been a while since i was last there because we were greeted by the sign (pictured above, left) this was the place to go when you wanted a mellow night- it was walking distance from my house and the owner kenny would lock the doors at 2am and would invite everyone already inside to stay longer and chat over free wine and appetizers- there had been some great 4am nights of wine and conversation. kenny opened the bar after going to spain and seeing how people there slowed down to really enjoy their life. i'm curious to see how the new place stacks up. R.I.P. bodega de cordova.

sheddy's | 361 s fairfax | opening march 14

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